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Serial No. 541997  New 1997

SAW CAPACITY:18 in Horizontal, 24 in Vertical @ 90 degrees
MITER: 18 in Horizontal, 16 in Vertical @ 45° (left miter)
18 in Horizontal, 14.75 in Vertical @ 45° (right miter)
BLADE SIZE: 1-1/4 in x 16 ft0 in x .042 THK
BLADE DRIVE: 7.5 HP, 220V/440V AC, 3 ph, 1,800 rpm, ball bearing TFC
HYDRAULICS: 2 HP hydraulic system
WHEEL SIZE: 20 in diameter
VISING: Full stroking vises
BLADE SPEED: Infinately variable speed drive 65-400 SFPM with drive motor and gear reducer located in the top portion of the saw arm, thus not subject to chips and coolant contamination. LED blade speed readout on control console.
BLADE CHIP BRUSH: Shaft driven brush for positive removal of metal chips lodged in blade gullets.
BLADE GUIDES: Side and back carbides are flat for maximum blade support.
AUTOMATIC SHUT OFF: Saw will automatically shut off if the blade breaks.
CUTTING PRESSURE: Adjustable from 0 to 400 PSI for effective metal removal rates, even when sawing in hard-to-cut in HI-TECH metals
FEED RATE: Adjustable from 0 to 3 inches/second to regulate saw arm traverse rate. A necessary feature to cut tubing at high rates without losing saw teeth.
POWERED GUIDE ARM: Upper blade guide arm powered from control console.
COOLANT SYSTEM: Totally built-in coolant system, with
high pressure 4 gpm sealed coolant pump,1/40 hp, coolant is dispensed through both guide arms on either side of the cut, as well as through a flex-tube nozzle to flood the center of the cut.
OPERATOR CONTROL: Located in a swing away console. Solid state programmable logic controller.
Control station located in front of saw for mechanical and all electrical functions to include: (1) Power On-Off, (2) Motor On-Off, (3) Clamping On-Off, (4) Cut Forward-Stop-Reverse, (5) Adjustable Vise Pressure, (6) Cutting Force and, (7) Feed Rate.
AUTOMATIC FEED SYSTEM: All Function control with capability to (0-48 in Stroke) feed lengths automatically until saw is out of stock or to a predetermined number on the pre-set counter.
Cycle of operation: (1) Feed vise clamps material, (2) feed vise moves material to desired length to be cut, (3) main vise clamps, (4) feed vise releases, (5) feed vise retracts for next index saw arm then traverses through material, (6) arm starts to retract after cut, (7) feed vise clamps, (8) main vise releases material, (9) when arm is fully retracted feed vise moves material forward, (10) cycle continues until saw is out of material or until the pre-set amount has been cut. Machine will index 0-48 in x 10 indexes or 480 in .

COMPUTER CONTROLLED FEED SYSTEM: Programmable feed to auto cut 99 different (CCF) jobs of various lengths from the same bar.
Keyboard entry of job number - number of parts to 999 pieces per job - parts length to 999.999 inches with automatic blade kerf compensation when in indexing in , choice of display to indicate number of pieces cut, time per part - off-set feature to correct length while blade is dulling - single
source responsibility, HE&M Saw designed computer using 8031 processor.

PROGRAMMABLE TILT: For automatic mitering of two directions in the same cut.

POWER LIFT UP ROLLERS: A set of power raised lift up rollers are provided - one on each side of the saw base.

CLAMPING VISE: Powered vise with adjustable clamping pressure from 0 to 1,500 lbs. of force. Feed vise pressure is 0 to 2,500 lbs.

POWER TILT: Powered tilt for saw arm for miter applications with LED angle readout.

CUT STOP: Forward cut-stop is mechanically linked to the vise and automatically adjusts with the vise opening.

POWERED BLADE TENSION: Assures and maintains proper blade tension at all times during the cutting process. Pre-set.

MATERIAL JOGGING: Allows inching of material to set up for a face cut or single cut.

SECOND MAIN MACHINE FULL STROKING VISE: Additional powered vise - This full stroking vise is used for additional clamping and works in conjunction with the main clamping vise.

MANUAL HAND CRANK CHIP CONVEYOR SYSTEM: Manual hand crank to move chips out of base assembly to a chip bin.


CUT WATCHER SYSTEM: A system that monitors the cut for (PATENT: 5,070,751) squareness to a pre-set deviation value. The system shuts down the saw when the pre-set value is exceeded. This is a must option in production cutting.

Approximate Weight      8,500 Lbs.


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