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Maximum Speed 150 FPM @ Leveler
Material Carbon Steel - Galvanized and
Stainless Steel
.250" x 72" @ 65,000 PSI -
Grade 50 Maximum
Maximum Thickness .250”
Minimum Thickness .060”
Maximum Coil Width 72”
Minimum Coil Width 24”
Passline Height 56” – Includes 1%” Grout
Entry Coil Weight 30,000lbs.-Max
Entry Coil 0.0. 72” Maximum, 24” Minimum
Length Tolerance +/- .060" to 12'
+/- .090" to 25'
Mode of Operation Feed-to-Stop with Leveler
Material Justification Centerline
Direction of Travel Left to Right
High Voltage Power 460/3/60
Control Voltage Power 24VDC
Paint Machinery - Bradbury Blue
Guarding - Safety Yellow

1. Bradbury Model CC30 Side Mast Coil Car
30,000 lbs. Capacity
0-24" full load vertical lift capacity allows the removal of partially run coils and
requires no foundation trench
Traverse on #60 rails mounted flush to the floor - rails provided by customer
Solenoid valves with control switches on entry operator station
Safety locking pins provided to lock frame in up position for maintenance
Floor mounted with 'V' type cradle
Two (2) flanged wheels and two (2) flat wheels for accurate tracking
Hydraulic power from our central hydraulic power unit
Power track included for full travel of car - 10 feet total travel

2. Model SRSM30- 72" Stock Reel
Single mandrel, 30,000 lbs. capacity
72" maximum material width mandrel
18 %" to 24 %" expansion range
Hydraulic threading drive with pneumatic clutch
Air cooled drag brake
Traversing sub-base enables 6" of movement either side of centerline
Operator controlled drag brake tension and lateral travel actuation
Heavy duty steel "pumpkin-tooth" style cover plates with tapered nose for
easy coil loading
Hold down roll assembly with hydraulic powered snubber roll
24" wide snubber roll is center grooved for 1 ~" banding
Hydraulic power from our central hydraulic power unit

3. Local Controls and Central Hydraulic Power Unit
Pedestal Mounted Entry Pushbutton Operator Station for Coil Car, Uncoiler,
and Peeler Controls
Central hydraulic power unit to service our equipment

4. Peeler I Threading Table, Entry Guide
Extending hardened steel peeler blade supported in heavy duty gibbed side
frame assembly, operated by hydraulic cylinder
Two vertical hardened steel rolls turning in bearings guide the material
Hydraulic motor moves entry guide rolls in and out


Technical Data
Material Type .................................... Carbon Steel - Galvanized and Stainless Steel
Capacities (Maximum) ...................... .250" x 72" @ 60,000 PSI
Capacities (Minimum) ....................... .075" x 72" @ 60,000 PSI
.060" material can be processed on the line, but leveling effectiveness will be reduced below minimum capacities stated above
Work Roll Number ............................ 11: 5 up, 6 down
Work Roll Size .................................. 3.50" diameter x 86" face
Back Up Flights ............................. 7 top and 7 bottom Flight Adjustment Cylinders .......... 7 entry and 7 exit Main Drive and Drive Motor .......... 250 HP
Base Speed ................................. 150 FPM (@ 1750 RPM)
Pass Line Height ........................ 56" with 1 1/2" of grout - to be confirmed
Intermediate Rolls......................... 5 hi

Leveler Housings
Main base and upper roll housing are welded steel construction machined to accept the bearing housings
Steel bearing housings are accurately machined for work roll alignment Leveling screws and foundation bolt holes are provided where necessary

Non-servo hydraulic valves actuate cylinders
Central hydraulic power unit to supply the leveler - Included in uncoiler and coil car

Work Rolls
Rolls will be hardened and polished alloy steel
Rolls will be mounted in bronze bushings in steel blocks Blocks are readily removable for roll maintenance
Lower work rolls are contained in a floating work roll bearing housing Upper work rolls are contained in a fixed work roll bearing housing

Intermediate Rolls
Intermediate rolls are mounted in between upper work rolls and upper back-up rolls

Back-up Rolls
Back-up rolls will be hardened and ground anti-friction bearings, cam roll style Upper flights will be fixed
The lower rolls are adjusted in flights by hydraulic cylinders
The flight position will be displayed with visual readout for entry and exit gap, and flight backups

Main Drive  
All work rolls will be driven by universal drive shafts through a totally enclosed pinion stand
Leveler will be geared in at 150 FPM for maximum material specifications

Torque Limiters
High capacity, low inertia, friction type torque limiters are mounted at each output shaft on the pinion stand
Torque overload protection is provided to the universals and work rolls in the event of situations that create overloads in excess of design specifications Torque limiters are continuously engaged and will sustain preset "safe torque" levels during a momentary overload without disrupting production

Pinion stand is splash lubricated Universal joints are greasable
Automatic timed lube pump is provided for work roll bearings The backup roll bearings are prepacked

Includes gauge plates for work roll calibration and cleaning pad for roll cleaning

Leveling Electricals and Controls
All necessary motor starters, relays, controls, and internal connections
The equipment will be wired and terminated in junction boxes conveniently located on the leveler
A Bradbury TSC™ human machine interface leveler controller is in an operator console that is connected via flexible conduit and will provide pushbutton control and digital displays for the leveler
Motor starters for pumps will be installed in the machine mounted junction box
460 VAC, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz - 24 VDC controls


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