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  AHK H 15060 CNCAHK H 20080 CNCAHK H 26100 CNCAHK H 30100 CNCAHK H 30135 CNCAHK H 30175 CNCAHK H 30220 CNCAHK H 30320 CNCAHK H 37220 CNCAHK H 40175 CNCAHK H 40220 CNCAHK H 40320 CNCAHK H 40400 CNCAHK H 60320 CNCAHK H 30270 CNCAHK H 40270 CNCAHK H 60400 CNC
Working Area
Pressure force66 t88 t110 t110 t148.5 t192.5 t242 t352 t242 t192.5 t242 t352 t440 t352 t297 t297 t440 t
Brake length51 in67 in87 in102 in102 in102 in102 in102 in126 in142 in142 in142 in134 in201 in102 in142 in201 in
Throat16 in16 in16 in16 in16 in16 in16 in20 in16 in16 in16 in20 in20 in20 in16 in16 in20 in
Stroke10.4 in10.4 in10.4 in10.4 in10.4 in10.4 in10.4 in14.4 in10.4 in10.4 in10.4 in14.4 in14.4 in14.4 in10.4 in10.4 in14.4 in
Clear opening19.09 in19.09 in19.09 in19.09 in19.09 in19.09 in19.09 in23.03 in19.09 in19.09 in19.09 in23.03 in23.82 in23.03 in19.09 in19.09 in23.82 in
Table width4 in4 in4 in4 in4 in4 in4 in6 in4 in4 in4 in6 in6 in6 in4 in4 in6 in
Travel in X-axis20 in20 in20 in28 in28 in28 in28 in28 in28 in28 in28 in28 in28 in28 in28 in28 in28 in
Bending speed0.35 in/s0.35 in/s0.39 in/s0.39 in/s0.35 in/s0.39 in/s0.39 in/s0.28 in/s0.39 in/s0.39 in/s0.35 in/s0.28 in/s0.31 in/s0.31 in/s0.35 in/s0.35 in/s0.33 in/s
Rapid feed4 in/s4 in/s4 in/s4 in/s4 in/s5 in/s4 in/s4 in/s4 in/s5 in/s4 in/s4 in/s3 in/s4 in/s5 in/s5 in/s3 in/s
Return speed4.33 in/s4.53 in/s4.33 in/s4.33 in/s3.74 in/s4.72 in/s4.33 in/s3.74 in/s4.33 in/s4.72 in/s4.33 in/s3.74 in/s3.35 in/s3.15 in/s3.74 in/s3.74 in/s2.56 in/s
Drive Capacity
Motor rating main drive10.1 Hp10.1 Hp14.8 Hp14.8 Hp20.1 Hp24.8 Hp29.5 Hp40.2 Hp29.5 Hp24.8 Hp29.5 Hp40.2 Hp49.6 Hp40.2 Hp29.5 Hp29.5 Hp49.6 Hp
Measures and Weights
Hydraulic tank volume26 gal26 gal26 gal26 gal66 gal66 gal66 gal92 gal66 gal66 gal66 gal92 gal92 gal92 gal92 gal92 gal132 gal
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)95x69x101 in121x71x106 in136x75x107 in156x75x109 in156x77x111 in156x78x113 in158x79x115 in160x83x121 in180x79x119 in195x79x117 in195x79x119 in197x89x128 in197x89x136 in276x89x140 in158x79x117 in195x79x119 in278x89x147 in
Weight9,460 lbs12,540 lbs14,740 lbs17,600 lbs19,800 lbs24,200 lbs26,840 lbs35,200 lbs30,580 lbs28,600 lbs33,000 lbs45,100 lbs54,340 lbs61,600 lbs28,600 lbs38,500 lbs77,000 lbs

Machine Frame and Male Die

  • The machine frame is made of a high-precision, stress-relieved steel weldment
  • The machine frame has been machined on a state-of-the-art 5-axis milling machine in one single setup to ensure more precise bending and maximum reliability
  • All components subject to tensile loads have been carefully constructed and designed with large radii to eliminate the risk of welding cracks
  • Male die and table have been optimized to reduce deformations to the lowest minimum possible
  • The male die has been designed for optimum vertical load absorption by the guides, piston bearings and seals
  • All components were treated in a modern paint and drying system and feature two coats of paint, each coat with a minimum thickness of 60 micron

Work Area

  • A large throat, long stroke, and narrow table ensure plenty of free space to accommodate complex bending sequences


  • All machines include a manual crowning system inside the table; a motorized crowning version is available as an option
  • The crowning provides a uniform distribution of bending forces to ensure precise bending angles across the full workpiece length


  • Polished, hard chrome-plated pistons on both hydraulic cylinders feature superior 2 micron surface grades, ensuring a long seal life.
  • Cylinder bodies are forged from solid SAE 1040 material
  • Perfectly matched hydraulic components and measuring systems ensure exact synchronization of work cylinders

Back Gauge

  • The back gauge of a press brake is the most important factor for machining precision
  • The entire back gauge system is very robust and perfectly suited for rough production environments
  • Linear guides and large preloaded ball screws are mounted in a protective enclosure to ensure smooth operation even under the most difficult environmental conditions
  • Exact adjustment of back gauge finger height
  • Positioning of back gauge fingers on dual, smooth-running linear guides

Front Support Arms

  • Rigid linear guide and ball bearings for boom ensure maximum stability and easy positioning
  • Each support arm can be adjusted in height, is easy to handle and extremely sturdy

Bending Tools

  • Promecam (European) tool mounts accommodate an extensive selection of bending tools
  • All tools are hardened and ground, and allow precise setup
  • manual quick-action clamping system for tool mount shortens tool changing times

Safety and Productivity

  • Safety concept based on the latest CE standards
  • The manual AKAS Laser Safety System is known for excellent reliability and functionality without the limitations that are typical for light curtains

Weitere Maschinengrš§en sind auf Anfrage lieferbar.

  • Cybelec Touch 8 2D Steuerung fŸr 3 Achsen
  • X-axis back gauge with servo motor
  • manual lower table crowning
  • manual akas laser safety LC II M FMSC safety system
  • light barrier
  • 2 front support arms
  • foot pedal with E-stop button
  • operator instructions
  • european type male die H = 3 inch
  • european type female die 4V H: 2 x 2 inch
  • 2 height-adjustable back-gauge fingers
  • european tool mount


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