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Acu-Rite MILLPWRG2 features the following…

From the moment you power up your MILLPWRG2®system, you’ll know it was built with convenience in mind. From the exceptional clarity of a large full-color LCD display to the added advantage of full 3D contouring capabilities and menu-prompted conversational programming, essential functions are only a key stroke away. Use MILLPWRG2 as a full function digital readout system, a programmable NC control or both. It’s powerful enough to handle any job and easy enough for anyone to operate. No prior programming experience necessary.

Powerful Easy:
Faster set-ups, shorter run times and a major boost in productivity are just one “powerful easy” retrofit away. The new ACU-RITE MILLPWRG2 control and retrofit kits can turn just about any knee mill into a productive CNC machine.

Standardized menus make it easy to program common features, simply press any function key and follow the prompts. Use MILLPWRG2 for arcs, blends and circles in any size, shape or pattern your print requires. There is no need to set up rotary tables or other devices. MILLPWRG2 also includes an engrave option for engraving alphanumeric characters vertically, horizontally, diagonally or along an arc.

Shop Tough:
Every MILLPWRG2 system includes components that have been designed, manufactured and tested to withstand the elements of contamination found in even the harshest machine shop environment.

Use MILLPWRG2 as a full function DRO, an intelligent power feed or a programmable CNC. This versatile system allows the operator to switch from full automatic mode to manual mode in just seconds. Import and run G-Code files from CAD/CAM programs to machine full 3D contoured parts. With optional spindle control, you can automatically control your spindle’s speed and/or direction on milling machines that are equipped with an electronic variable speed spindle.

3-D Graphics System:
Intuitive navigation menus eliminate the need for multiple screens, while improving efficiency and accuracy. Program cycles using a simple, easy-to-understand set of machinist language prompts, are accompanied by content-specific “help” graphics.

2-Year Warranty for controller.
• Machine base, knee and table are made by MEEHANITE cast iron construction.
• Slideways are hardened and precision ground, and the X,Y axis coated with Turcite-B.
• Milling head can be tilted 90 degrees either right or left side.
• The X, Y, Z axis are dovetail way.
• The X, Y, Z axis are transmitted by precision feed lead screw with double nut.

Table Size:                                       9” x 49”
Longitudinal Travel (X-Axis):           32-1/2”
Cross Travel (Y-Axis):                      12-1/2”
Knee Travel (Z-Axis):                       16”
Overarm Travel:                              16-1/4”
Number of T-Slots:                         3
T-Slot Size and Centers:                  5/8”, 2-1/2”
Maximum Weight of Workpiece:     550 Lbs.
Drilling Capacities:
    Cast Iron:                                      ¾”
    Steel:                                            5/8”
    Face Milling:                                 3”
    End Milling:                                  ¾”
Spindle Taper:                                  R8 or NT-30
Diameter of Quill:                            3-3/8”
Collet Capacity:                                1/8″ ~ 5/8″
Number of Speeds:                          Variable
Spindle Speeds (RPM):                     60-4,200
Spindle Feeds:                                  .0015/.0003/.0006 inch/rev.
Spindle Travel:                                  5”
Spindle to Table:                               2-3/4” ~ 17-1/2”
Spindle to Column:                           5” ~ 17-3/8”
Horsepower:                                     3 HP
Voltage:                                            230V or 460V AC only
Weight                                             2400 lbs
Dimensions                                      70 × 65 × 86 in

Acu-Rite MillPower 3 Axis Controller Specifications:
Processor:                                        1.4 GHz Celeron® M
CNC User Memory:                          1.25 MB
Display:                                            12.1” 1024 x 768 Color LCD with LED backlight
Internal Storage:                              2.5 GB Flash (User)
Remote Pendant (Stop / Go):           Yes
Housing:                                           Die Cast Metal (Bezel & Back Sheet Metal)
Connections:                                    Ethernet, USB (x2), RS-232
Protection:                                        IP 54 (front) / IP 40 (Back)
Feed Override:                                  Potentiometer
Error Compensation:                         Linear & Bidirectional Non-linear
Graphic View:                                    2D Line / 3D Line / 3D Solid
Program Size Limit:                           9999 Steps

Standard Features for Controller & Mill:
• USB + Ethernet Compatible.
• Simplified Navigation that Eliminates Multiple Menu Screens.
• Upgrades Available for all Legacy MILLPWR Models.
• 12.1″ High Resolution Display with 3D Graphics.
• 1.4 GHz Processor.
• Available Off-Line Software.
• Estimated Runtime Feature.
• Expanded Tool / Datum Offsets.
• Machine Specific Bracketry.
• G2 CNC Control.
• Remote Stop/Go Switch.
• Ball Screws.
• Precision Linear Encoders (1µm/0.00005” Resolution).
• Servo Drives and Motors.
• Motor Mounting Castings and Hardware.
• Handwheels.
• Console and Encoder Mounting Hardware.
• One-piece draw bar for Spindle
• Precision lead screws on X, Y axis
• Front & back dust cover
• Turcite-B on X/Y axis
• One-shot Lubrication System
• Safety handles on X/Y/Z axis
• Work lamp
• Hand tools & box
• Manual & Parts list


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