Emco Maier Emcoturn E45 CNC Lathe w/ Live Tooling, Sub Spindle and Y Axis


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Emco Maier Emcoturn E45 CNC Lathe w/ Live Tooling, Sub Spindle and Y Axis

New 2018

    Specifications and Equipment
    Swing over bed:                       16.9"
    Swing over cross slide:               8.3"
    Maximum part length:                  20"
    X-Axis travel:                        6.29"
    Rapid traverse to X-axis:             787 IPM
    Z-Axis travel:                        12.2"
    Z-Axis rapid traverse:                944 IPM
    Y-Axis                                  +40/-30mm
    Bar capacity through spindle:         1.77"
    Spindle speeds:                       0 to 6,300 RPM
    Spindle index increment:              0.001 Degrees (Full C-axis)
    Spindle drive motor:                  17.5 HP
    Turret tool positions:                12
    Live tool positions available:        12
    Live tool drive speeds:               0 to 5,000 RPM
    Maximum torque to live tool drive:    11.8 foot-pounds
    Bar feed system:                      Emco "Compact Load E45"
    Bar feed capacity:                    31.5" Bar length X 1.77" bar dir
    Bar feed magazine capacity:           13 Bars of 1.77" diameter
    CNC Type:                             Fanuc 0i-TC
    Utilization:                          Medical, Under 3000 Hours
    Equipped With
    Fanuc 0i-TC, Y axis Live Tool, Sub Spindle, Chip Conveyor, 3 Jaw Chucks
    on Main and Sub, C Axis on Main/Sub, USB Interface, Ethernet, MPG,
    Remote Jog Handwheel, Parts Catcher, Transformer


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