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  HFS 2550 F AdvanceHFS 3063 F AdvanceHFS 4080 F AdvanceHFS 30100 F AdvanceHFS 40100 F Advance
Working Area
Work piece weight (max.)396 lbs594 lbs1,100 lbs880 lbs1,320 lbs
Spindle nose-to-table surface distance18 in23 in23 in23 in23 in
Table dimensions20x10 in25x12 in32x16 in40x12 in40x16 in
Dimensions Magnetic clamping plate20x10 in24x12 in31x16 in39x12 in39x16 in
Scale ring division Y-axis0.0002 in
Scale ring division Z-axis0.00079 in
Auto. transverse feed Z-axis0 - 0.31 in
Speed2,850 rpm1,450 rpm1,450 rpm1,450 rpm1,450 rpm
Auto. vertical feed0.0002 - 0.00197 in
Travel X-axis22 in30.1 in35.8 in44.5 in44.5 in
Travel Y-axis11 in13 in18 in13 in18 in
Hydr. feed X22.89 - 75.21 fpm
Rapid feed Y-axis19 in/min
Rapid feed Z-axis39 in/min
Drive Capacity
Motor rating main drive3 Hp5.4 Hp5.4 Hp5.4 Hp5.4 Hp
Motor rating hydraulic pump3 Hp
Motor rating for Y-axis drive0.7 Hp
Measures and Weights
Grinding wheels dimensions8x1x1 in14x2x5 in14x2x5 in14x2x5 in14x2x5 in
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)91x63x67 in115x87x75 in142x95x75 in174x87x75 in174x95x75 in
Weight3,960 lbs6,160 lbs7,480 lbs7,040 lbs8,140 lbs

  • The cast-iron machine frame features superior rigidity and torsional strength, precision guideways and excellent machining quality
  • All guideways are lubricated reliably via a central lubrication system
  • The workspace is protected by an easily accessible enclosure
  • A powerful coolant pump is combined with a vacuum exhaust unit to clear grinding dust and aerosol during machining operations

Grinding spindle

  • Large grinding spindle, dynamically balanced, completely sealed with permanent lubrication
  • Preloaded precision-bearings ensure maximum grinding performance and high reliability over many production hours


  • The high-quality preloaded ball screw and a powerful servo-motor ensure high precision and repeatability of positioning in the Y axis
  • The machine features an electronic hand-wheel for configuration tasks and manual movement of the grinding spindle
  • If set to Auto mode, the user-defined roughing and finishing parameters, number of spark-out strokes, and return to zero are automatically processed


  • Superior quiet operation and low heat build-up ensure optimum work results in continuous operations
  • Hydraulically operated linear table movement, infinitely variable, high consistency, and soft reversal of direction
  • The external hydraulics unit with oil cooler ensures perfect temperature stability

Magnetic clamping plate

  • Large magnetic chuck allows for torsion-free clamping and is included in standard equipment
  • The control unit is integrated into the electric system to simplify operation, allowing quick clamping and degaussing for maximum production efficiency

  • 3-axis position indicator
  • electronic hand-wheel
  • grinding wheel flange
  • automatic central lubrication
  • workspace enclosure
  • coolant system and vacuum system
  • grinding wheel dresser
  • balancing station
  • balancing shaft
  • LED work lamp
  • magnetic clamping plate
  • adjustment screws
  • operating tools
  • degausser
  • siemens PLC with touchscreen
  • operator manual


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