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Working Area
Work piece weight (max.)990 lbs
Spindle nose-to-table surface distance24 in
Table dimensions16x31 in
T-slots, width0.6 in
Number of T-slots3 positions
Division (electronic hand-wheel) Y axis0 in/min
Travel X-axis36.6 in
Travel Y-axis17 in
Spindle speed50 - 2,300 rpm
Rapid Feed
Rapid Feed X-axis39.37 - 1,574.8 in/min
Rapid Feed Y-axis47.24 in/min
Rapid Feed Z-axis39.37 - 472.44 in/min
Positioning accuracy Y-axis0.00006 in
Repeatability Y-axis0.00004 in
Drive Capacity
X axis servo motor4 Hp
Motor rating main drive7.1 Hp
Z and y axis servo motor2,3 Hp
Measures and Weights
Grinding wheels dimensions16x2x5 in
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)111x96x95 in
Weight11,000 lbs
Part No. 122450

  • The mineral-casting frame dampens vibrations 6 times faster than cast-iron (GG25) and up to 10 times faster than steel
  • Further advantages of this machine are its quiet operation, maximum accuracy, and low heat accumulation
  • This design allows superior evenness of ground surfaces and a dimensional stability that could not be achieved with conventional machine designs
  • In addition to its vibration-proof solidity, this material also provides excellent thermal stability
  • Linear roller guides on all axes ensure excellent rigidity, accuracy, and optimum load distribution
  • Powerful servo-drives and preloaded ball screws on all axes ensure a uniform feed
  • A specially selected preloaded ball screw provides for a higher accuracy class (C2), and a manually read linear scale complements the vertical axis drive
  • All axes can be positioned precisely via an electronic hand-wheel
  • The grind spindle head features a heavy, solid design and runs on high-precision, maintenancefree preloaded angular ball bearings
  • Automatic central lubrication minimizes maintenance
  • Optional vacuum clamping fixtures are available for custom applications/materials
  • Siemens 828D control with grinding package, trueing cycles, and profile grinding function

SINUMERIK 828 D Ð Das Kraftpaket in der Kompaktklasse der CNC-Steuerungen


  • compact, robust, maintenance-free control panel-based CNC
  • comfortable program and parameter input via QWERTY keyboard
  • maximum machining precision
  • intelligent kinematic transformations for machining of cylindrical parts, and for angled workpiece levels
  • SINUMERIK MDynamics with the new Advanced Surface feature: for perfect part surfaces and shortest machining times in mold making applications
  • ShopMill: shortest programming time for single parts and small batch productions
  • programGUIDE: fastest machining time and maximum flexibility for large series productions
  • unique spectrum of technology cycles - from milling contours with residual material recognition to process measurements
  • Animated Elements: unique operation and programming assistance with animated sequences
  • modern data transfer options via USB stick, CF card and network (Ethernet)
  • Easy Message: maximum machine availability due to process monitoring per texting (SMS)

CNC hardware

  • control-panel based high-performance CNC Control
  • robust front control panel made of magnesium die-casting
  • integreated full-size QWERTY keyboard
  • 10.4Ò TFT color monitor
  • maintenance-free design (no buffer battery required)

CNC performance data and functions

  • SINUMERIK MDynamics package with Advanced Surface for mold making applications
  • tool changing time: ~2 ms (PPU 260/261) /~1 ms (PPU 280/281)
  • number of Look Ahead sets: 100 (PPU 260/261) / 150 (PPU 280/281)
  • Jerk-limited acceleration
  • dynamic feed-forward control
  • 4-axis simultaneous interpolation (X, Y, Z and rotary axis)
  • linear, circular and helical interpolation
  • tapping without compensating chuck, plus thread cutting
  • oriented spindle holder
  • toggle between inch and metric units
  • FRAME concept for individual coordinate transformations, rotations, scaling and mirroring
  • 100 adjustable zero offsets
  • synchronous actions and quick help function output

CNC technology cycles

  • technology cycles for programGUIDE and ShopMill work step programming are available
  • large selection of drilling cycles
  • large selection of milling cycles for standard geometry
  • large selection of position patterns for drilling and milling operations
  • High-speed settings for mold making applications
  • geometry calculator for free contour input
  • machining cycle for contour pockets / contour spigots with isolated contours

Graphic features

  • Animated Elements: input help for machining parameters with animated sequences
  • graphical online help system, similar to PC system
  • graphical CNC simulation with level display

CNC tool management

  • display of tool and magazine data on one screen
  • tool management with plain-text tool names
  • loading/unloading feature for easy magazine assignment
  • number of tool edges: 256 (PPU 260/261) / 512 (PPU 280/281)
  • tool management with tool life monitoring

  • siemens 828D control
  • electromagnetic clamping plate
  • coolant system
  • Y axis with linear scale
  • electronic hand-wheel
  • automatic central lubrication
  • grinding wheel dresser
  • grinding wheel flange
  • LED work lamp
  • balancing mandrel
  • totally enclosed housing
  • leveling plates and jacks
  • tool box
  • operator manual


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