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Equipped With

  VDM 800 SVDM 1000 SVDM 1250 SVDM 1600 SVDM 2300 SVDM 2600 S
Working Area
Rotating diameter (max.)31 in39 in49 in63 in91 in102 in
Turning diameter of upper tool holder31 in39 in49 in63 in91 in102 in
Turning diameter of side tool holder28 in35 in39 in55 in79 in91 in
Machining height (max.)31 in31 in39 in39 in53 in59 in
Swivel range of upper tool holder± 30¡
Workpiece length (max.)31 in31 in39 in39 in53 in59 in
Work piece weight (max.)2,640 lbs4,400 lbs7,040 lbs11,000 lbs17,600 lbs22,000 lbs
Travel X1 axis, upper support22 in26 in28 in36 in45 in51 in
Travel Z1 axis , upper support24 in24 in26 in31 in39 in39 in
Travel W-axis, traverse23 in23 in26 in26 in39 in43 in
Travel X2 axis , side support20 in20 in25 in25 in25 in29 in
Travel Z2 axis , side support31 in31 in35 in35 in39 in46 in
Speed range(16) 10 - 315 rpm(16) 8 - 250 rpm(16) 6.3 - 200 rpm(16) 5 - 160 rpm(16) 3.2 - 100 rpm(16) 1.4 - 45 rpm
Spindle Torque (max.)88,500,625,875,250,200,200
Rotary table diameter28 in35 in39 in55 in79 in91 in
Rapid Feed
Rapid feed of upper support71 in/min
Rapid feed of side support71 in/min
Feed speed X-axis0 - 3 in/min
Feed speed Z-axis0 - 3 in/min
Feed speed W-axis17 in/min
Tool Head
Tool holder1.2x1.6 in
Tool weight max.110 lbs
Drive Capacity
Motor rating main drive29.5 Hp29.5 Hp29.5 Hp40.2 Hp49.6 Hp49.6 Hp
Motor rating X-axis1.7 Hp
Motor rating Z-axis2.41 Hp
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)193x138x164 in193x142x164 in209x150x166 in256x166x174 in300x197x213 in312x209x213 in
Weight14,300 lbs15,620 lbs19,800 lbs27,500 lbs41,800 lbs60,500 lbs

  • Infinitely variable feed control via servo-motor
  • Optimum tooling and easy access for cranes and forklift trucks
  • Heavy-duty column with wide, hardened guideways
  • Hydraulic clamping of cross traverse
  • Rigid guide construction ensures maximum rigidity and accuracy of the vertical boom
  • Spindle runs in a high-precision two-row roller bearing and is adjustable
  • Reduction gear drive ensures high torque and a speed range of 10 - 315 rpm
  • Servo motor technology ensures powerful, infinitely variable feed of the vertical boom

  • 3-axis position indicator
  • fully enclosed housing
  • chip conveyor
  • tool holder vertical
  • tool holder horizontal
  • automatic central lubrication
  • work lamp
  • anchor bolts
  • operating tools
  • operator manual


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