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A Tilting Wheel Head For Easy Clearance Setting:
• The Wheel Head is designed so that it can tilted easily to ±15 degrees. It can also be swiveled 360 degrees on the horizontal plane. Both of these features, make it very easy to set rake and relief angles, and make for a very wide angle of grinding.
• The Spindle assembly is designed so that the spindle shaft is supported by two pairs of angular ball bearings, one pair at each end of the spindle support. The bearings are properly pre-loaded by tightening the nuts. Incorporated in the design also is compensation for expansion by heat. The grinding wheel spindle is grease lubricated for life and no additional lubrication is required.

Universal Work Head:
• The Work Head is positioned on the table as desired by the operator and can be swiveled accurately at any angle both horizontally and vertically. It means it can be swiveled optionally. Set to obtain the most suitable angle for a specific grinding job. It has a taper hole in each end of the spindle, one M. T. No. 5 (or B & S No. 12), the other ASA No. 50.

Accurate, Versatile Table:
• Table Swivels 120 DEGREES: The table is equipped with a graduated scale and swivels ±60 degrees.
• This ±60 degrees swiveling combined with the 360 degrees swiveling of the wheel head extends M-40 versatility when grinding large(long) cutters and tools.

Anti-Friction Slide Way Bearings Used:
• For precise smooth table slide, the table ways have been hardened and ground and anti-friction slide way bearings are used. The table is controlled by the winding motion of cable on to a take up reel, which insures back-lash free operation. Because of this construction of table, operation is light and smooth. So that it does not fatigue the operator.

Finger Tip Control:
• It is necessary that the table be easily controlled from fine to rapid feed range to handle various grinding requirements. The M-40 has table feed knobs on the right- and left-hand side of the table. Also, there is a crank handle on the right-hand side for fine table control. The table feed mechanisms are so designed to be controllable by fingertip action that it permits integral response of grinding conditions to operator hand.

• The Tailstock can be easily positioned at any place on the table. It is combined with the Work Head or other Tailstock to hold the work piece. Design is such that the Tailstock can be aliened easily and positively by pushing both to one side of the table slot by thumb screws. The right Tailstock has a retractable center for easy work piece mounting and dismounting.

Centralized Lubrication:
• For cutter grinding operation, precise tool grinder’s movement is of primary importance, and it must be at all times maintained. This means a complete lubrication system is necessary. The M-40 is equipped with the centralized system which lubricates all the required points, shown at the right. This system is not only saving you time for daily lubrication, but also keeps the machine in its best condition to extend its life.

Swing Over Table:                                                         10″
Distance Between Centers:                                           35″
Distance Between Tailstock & Work Head:                   30″
Taper Hole in Work Head Spindle One End:                 MT #5
Other End:                                                                    ASA #50
T-Slot (Number & Size):                                               1 x 0.565″
Working Surface:                                                          5-5/16″ x 45″
Grinding Wheel Spindle Speeds:                                 2,600, 3,700, 6,200 RPM
Longitudinal Movement of Table:                                23″
Cross Movement of Table:                                           10″
Graduation for Table Swivel Movement:                     +60 Degrees
Table Graduation on End, for Taper of:                        -7 Degrees
Vertical Movement of Wheel Head:                             10″
Wheel Head tilts:                                                         +15 Degrees
Wheel Head Swivels:                                                   360 Degrees
From Wheel Spindle Center to Top of Table:               2″ ~ 12″
From Wheel Spindle Center to T-Slot Table:                6-1/2″ ~ 16-1/2″
Main Motor:                                                                 1.5 HP
Voltage:                                                                         230/460V AC/ 3 PH
Weight                                                                          2780 lbs
Dimensions                                                                   99 × 66 × 61 in

Standard Equipment:
• Work Head
• Reducing Collet B&S No.12 x No.9 (or MT No.5 x No.3)
• Left-hand Tailstock
• Reducing Collet B&S No.12 x No.7 (or MT No.5 x No.2)
• Right-hand Tailstock
• Grinding Wheel Sleeves (5 sets)
• Diamond Dresser Holder
• Grinding wheel (6″ x 3/4″ x 1-1/4″)
• Wheel Guard
• Grinding Wheel (6″ x 1/2″ x 1-1/4″)
• Wheel Guard
• Grinding Wheel (6″ x 1/2″ x 1-1/4″)
• Wheel Guard
• Grinding Wheel (3-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ x 1-1/4″)
• Wheel Guard
• Grinding Wheel (4″ x 1/16″ x 1/4″)
• Wheel Guard Holder (Long)
• Grinding wheel (5″ x 1-1/2″ x 1-1/4″)
• Wheel Guard holder (Short)
• Grinding Wheel (3″ x 1/2″ x 1/2″)
• Universal tooth rest plate and blade holder extension
• Double end wrench
• Center gauge
• Nut wrench
• Collet wrench
• Screw Driver
• Plain tooth rest holder (with offset blade)
• Nut wrench
• Ejector rod
• Allen type wrench
• T-wrench for grinding wheel sleeve
• Spacer for 1/8″ diameter grinding wheel
• Sleeve extracting bar
• Center for Work Dead spindle B & S No.7 (or MT No.2)
• Pin wrench
• 4″ spindle extension
• Micrometer adjustable toothrest (with round top blade)
• 4″ extension wheel sleeve and collar
• Leveling pads (3 pcs)
• Belt for spindle drive (Poly-flex belt)
• Touch-up paint
• Draw-in bolt for Work Head and spacer
• Plain tooth rest holder (with offset blade)
• Tool cabinet
• Reducing Collet B&S No.12 x No.10 (or MT No.5 x No.4)
• Extension and spacers of slit-saw and side-mill cutters.


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